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In order to reduce the thermal stress and adjust the height difference in the manufacture of the Suspension Clamp

Pole line hardware is also named pole line accessories or pole hardware fitting, it is an important component of the pole line construction. According to the application, it can be divided into telephone pole hardware, utility pole mounting hardware, or utility pole line hardware

There are usually a few ribs on the surface of the suspension clamp to improve the impact and power frequency flashover voltage, especially the edge near the upper attachment has a greater significance for increasing the impact flashover voltage. In order to reduce the thermal stress and adjust the height difference in the manufacture of the cantilever clip, the accessories and the cantilever clip are padded.  

In order to make full use of the height of the insulation, the upper and lower metal fittings are filled into the upper and lower holes of the Suspension Clamp by means of glue, which is used to relax the thermal stress or act as a barrier. The superiority of the inner glue insulator is not only that the size, quality and metal material consumption of the insulator itself are much lower than that of the outer glue series. More importantly, the Suspension Clamp enables the electrical appliances and power distribution devices (such as the isolating switch and the complete power distribution). The size and quality of the device are reduced, and the space occupied by the power equipment is saved. 

But there are some inherent drawbacks to this structure. Since both ends of the fittings are stuck in the hole of the hanger clip, the mechanical strength of the hanger clip is effectively reduced due to the relatively large diameter of the insulator, and the insulator is easily damaged by thermal stress due to the glue inside. Suspension fixtures with high mechanical strength are not satisfactory. This structure is also not ideal, so the overhang clamp is currently only used in class 7.2-24kV.  

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