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How to store rubber sealing strip?

Silicone materials are very common in our lives. After a long time, we will find that custom silicone seals are difficult to save, especially in summer. In a high temperature environment for a long time, the most likely problem of the silicone seal is melting and deformation. Therefore, when storing or maintaining the sealing strip, you must pay attention to the following points:

First, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight for a long time. Too strong sunlight is fatal to the aging of rubber. Rubber is generally black and has strong heat absorption capacity, so it will cause the temperature to rise, thereby changing its physical properties. The result is softening.

Second, avoid high temperature environments. As mentioned earlier, direct sunlight will cause high temperature deformation. Another disadvantage of high temperature is that it can cause the rubber to melt.

Third, the storage environment of the silicone sealing strip should be dry, which is also an important factor to prevent its aging.

All in all, in one sentence, the storage environment of silicone seals needs to be protected from light, cool and dry.

Sound insulation and heat preservation effect brought by silicone sealing strip

Whether it is family life or daily work, we all hope to have a good and quiet environment. The effect of sound insulation and heat preservation of doors is relatively good. Generally speaking, the sound insulation of doors mainly depends on the thickness of the door panel and the size of the window sash. The degree of sealing between the room and the frame. When we live in high-rise buildings, we will find that why electric heating and air conditioning do not work, the key is that the insulation of doors and windows is too poor. The reason for this is that the tightness of the doors and windows is too low. Hot air or cold air can enter directly from the gap, and the cold or hot air in the room overflows seriously. Even with good gear installed, it doesn’t solve the root cause. Most of the energy still slips away.

Doors and windows with low tightness not only save energy and reduce consumption, but also have unsatisfactory sound insulation effect. The sound insulation of holes and gaps is also related to the wavelength or frequency of the incident sound wave, because the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, so for high-frequency sound, even if the gap is small, it will be detrimental to sound insulation.

In the production process of the wooden door, the door file is made with a T-shaped groove, and with the matching rubber sealing strip, the door has an excellent door sealing and sound insulation function, and also reduces the noise when the door is closed. It also enhances the thermal insulation and structural soundness of the door. The wooden door sealing strip is directly related to the compactness of the wooden door. The sealing strip is “hidden” in the contact part of the door cover and the door leaf. A good quality sealing strip is soft to the touch, elastic, and has a bright appearance. Regular wooden door enterprises will add silicone sealing strips. These physical properties of silicone sealing strips are especially good. superior.

The silicone sealing strip is completely different from ordinary rubber strips. It has excellent resistance to compression deformation, so the sealing contact surface can be made larger, and it is extremely effective to block the noise leaking in from the movable window! It has more sound insulation and heat preservation functions than ordinary rubber strips. The sealing strip is durable, and its service life is synchronized with that of doors and windows. Once and for all, there is no worries. It will not harden at minus 50 ℃, high temperature resistance of 200 ℃, the same material as the sealing ring of the pressure cooker used at home, no shrinkage, no deformation and strong elasticity! Using this seal is even more perfect! Under the same conditions, this sealing strip can be described as “immediate effect”!

The use of silicone rubber window seal strip improves the sealing performance of the original window by 45%, the indoor air is not ventilated in winter, the heat preservation is good, the room temperature is increased by 3-8 °C, the heating and air-conditioning costs are saved by 20%-30%, and the wind pressure resistance is enhanced, reaching no There are various advantages such as ventilation, no dust, no insects, and odors in the corridors no longer drifting into the door. In particular, the sound insulation performance is improved by 50%, and the decorative effect of the wooden door is improved, which greatly increases the service life of the wooden door.

How to distinguish between wooden door silicone sealing strip and PVC sealing strip

There is no difference between the wooden shower door sealing strip and the PVC sealing strip on the surface. The editor tells you here that the wooden door silicone sealing strip and the PVC sealing strip must be identified by methods such as smell, temperature test, weighing and burning.

Use your nose to smell if there is any peculiar smell. If there is a very pungent smell, it is usually a PVC sealing strip.

At the same time, put the PVC sealing strip and the silicone sealing strip at a high temperature for a period of time, the PVC sealing strip will become very soft in a short time, and the silicone sealing strip will not become soft physically. Or put the PVC sealing strip and the silicone sealing strip at the same time in the freezer of the refrigerator for a few hours, the PVC sealing strip will become very stiff and easy to break, but the silicone sealing strip will not change.

Touch their surface, the rough ones are the PVC sealing strips, and the silicone sealing strips are soft to the touch

Look at the specific gravity, how many meters can be produced per kilogram. The density of PVC sealing strip should be 1.4-1.6,. The silicone seal is light in texture, and its density is between 1.1-1.25, so the yield is 20% higher than that of the PVC seal.

Burning, the PVC sealing strip will foam, shrink, and emit black pungent smoke. The burning is not sufficient, leaving hard plastic residues.

At the time of purchase, one of the above methods can be used to determine whether it is a wooden door silicone sealing strip or a PVC black sealing strip, so as not to be deceived.

What is the actual use of silicone sealing strips?

Silicone sealing strip products are a kind of general basic components in sealing devices, which play a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing, and deal with the problems of leakage and sealing in the process of human subjugation of nature. Technological progress has been advancing, which is an important way to prevent and reduce environmental pollution. Rubber edging strip are the most widely used type of silicone products in sealing technology. Since silica gel is a polymer material with excellent elasticity, it has a wide temperature range, and a small stress in a different medium will breed a large deformation. This deformation can supply the contact pressure, compensate for the leakage gap, and reach the Sealed intent.

The products now mainly include silicone gaskets, silicone seals, flange gaskets, silicone shock absorbers, silicone O-rings, V-rings, X-rings, Y-rings and other forms, sizes, colors, hardness and materials. Silicone products, rubber strips, rubber sheets, O-rings, rectangular rings, round rubber beads, diamond rubber beads, square pads, etc. They each have their own characteristics and are suitable for different working conditions and industries.

The rationality of the structure of the Kenna rubber seal strip suppliers silicone seal, the humanization of the design, the flow and automation of the production process, the safety, environmental protection, recyclability, beauty and diversity of the product are all things that silicone seal companies need to consider now Product Features.

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