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How to choose high quality colored stainless steel decorative sheet?

In the decorative materials, various decorative materials are emerging. Stainless steel decorative sheets are one of the common categories in decoration, but do you know how to choose high-quality stainless steel decorative sheets? Let’s take a look.


1. First, distinguish the material of the metal sheets


At present, the most commonly used stainless steel decorative sheet materials on the market are 201, 304, 31, and other six stainless steel coloring processing, of which the best corrosion resistance is 316, the worst is 201, and the price difference is large, so many commercial and domestic materials 304 and 316 are replaced by 201. Or will use water plating coloring technology rather than vacuum ion plating coloring technology of colored stainless steel decorative sheets sold to customers, so that many architectural decoration projects to install colored stainless steel titanium sheets, mirror sheets, and other surface color fading, rust and even fracture. Therefore, in the procurement and inspection process, it is necessary to determine whether the sheets were initially discussed, different materials of stainless steel can be distinguished by the potion test.


2. Stainless steel surface coloring process


Similarly, the stainless steel coloring process is one of the important factors in determining the price. Compared with the vacuum coating coloring process, the color immersed in a chemical solution is the adhesion, hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of the vacuum coating and the surface of the workpiece, the paint film performance is more stable, such as colored stainless steel titanium sheets, golden surface, vacuum coating does not produce toxic or pollutants. Compared with vacuum ion plating, the color is not very pure, there will be a shell, but the price is much cheaper than vacuum ion plating.


Since the color or coloring process of stainless steel sheets is usually difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, it requires an experienced professional to distinguish the quality. Therefore, when buying colored stainless steel sheet decorative materials, you must find a professional and reputable processing plant to buy and do not postpone the decorative works for small.


3. Observe the metal surface


As the color stainless steel sheet is mainly used in architectural decoration projects, its surface decoration and decoration are particularly important. Therefore, during the inspection process, the surface should be carefully examined and observed, whether there is a color difference between the sheets and the sheets, uniform coloring, good color, scratches, sand eyes, flaking watermarks, and other defects. Especially like the titanium sheets, the surface is a mirror effect, if the quality is good, the surface should not have abrasion and horseshoe marks, the brightness is relatively high, and the price will certainly be relatively high.


4. Film quality


After the processing of the colored stainless steel sheets, a protective film should be pasted on the surface to ensure that the surface cleanliness is not contaminated, or hard objects are not scratched. However, if the poor quality protective film is placed for a long time, it will produce the phenomenon of powder, and tearing, and difficult to tear or paste a large amount of glue on the surface of stainless steel, so that the metal surface is not only invisible but also difficult to remove. In the inspection process, customers can tear off a large area of the film to check its quality; after the installation of decorative works, the film should be removed as soon as possible, especially outdoor decorative works. It is better to tear off the film immediately after installation.

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