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Introduce the principle characteristics of truck loading conveyor

Truck loading conveyor is mainly composed of frame, conveyor belt, carrier roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device, etc. Its operation principle is very simple, in fact, it is through the friction between the transmission roller and the tape to produce traction on the material for conveying, the belt will be tensioned by the tensioning device in the application, and there is a certain initial tension at the separation of the transmission roller. The belt runs on the carrier rollers together with the load. The belt is not only a traction mechanism, but also a load-bearing mechanism. Because the conveyor rollers are equipped with rolling bearings, the running resistance between the belt and the rollers can be reduced, thus reducing the consumption of truck loading conveyor power, but increasing the conveying distance.

Truck loading conveyor has the following main features.

1、Truck loading conveyor can not only convey broken and loose materials, but also convey pieces of goods. Besides the simple conveying function, truck loading conveyor can also be matched with other industrial production processes to form a rhythmic flow operation conveying line.

2、The common departments using truck loading conveyor are: metallurgy, transportation, hydropower, chemical industry, building materials, grain, ports, ships, etc., which meet the needs of these departments for high transport capacity, low cost and high versatility of conveyors.

3、Compared with other conveyors, truck loading conveyor has the advantages of long conveying distance, large capacity, continuous conveying, etc. It is the Z ideal and efficient conveying equipment in the field of coal mining, which is easy to realize automation and centralized control.

4、The structure of truck loading conveyor is compact, and the body can be telescoped, and the conveyor is also equipped with a storage belt bin, which means that the conveyor can be extended or shortened to the working surface according to the demand during the operation.

5、According to the requirements of the material to be conveyed, the truck loading conveyor can be conveyed by a single machine or in combination with multiple machines, and the conveying mode can also be selected as horizontal or inclined conveying.

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