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Types of glass edging machine

The first choice of glass edging machine is to have a certain understanding of the characteristics and types, in order to accurately find the glass edging machine they want, glass edging machine can be broadly divided into the following categories:


1. linear glass edge edging machine, the so-called linear glass edge edging machine, which has three characteristics: the first is to carry out continuous edging, its production efficiency is relatively high; the second is relatively single use, can only be used to grind all kinds of straight edge; the third is to grind some of the larger size of flat glass.


2. Single-arm shaped glass edging machine, also called shaped machine or single-arm machine, which can grind round edges, duckbill edges, straight edges, and even beveled edges; edging oval and shaped workpieces, edging round workpieces are all possible. If installed on the independent suction cup against the mold, you can also use the shaped machine to grind some irregularly shaped workpiece, where the structure is relatively simple, and the cost of manufacturing is not high, so the price is also very cheap, some ordinary domestic machines as long as about 20,000 yuan can also be bought.


3. Inside the round glass edging machine, inside the round glass edging machine is also characterized by a simple structure, so the price is also low, but its use is also relatively single, is mainly used for processing round around


4. imported glass edge edging machine, imported machines are better quality, precision is also very high, which production efficiency and service life are much higher than the domestic machine, but the price is also quite expensive, generally are several times the price of the same domestic machine or even ten times more


5. by the mold glass edging machine, can use the accurate positioning of the template, accurate edging round or shaped glass round edge, straight edge, duckbill edge and beveled edge, etc., such a glass edging machine out of the glass switch is very accurate, the size is also quite uniform, the production efficiency is very high. If we are in the purchase, first of all, we should choose the production scale is relatively large, in which the quality of products is relatively stable, perfect after-sales service system and reputation is quite high manufacturers, these manufacturers are glass edging machine may be higher than the price of small factory production, but the quality and after-sales service are much better than those small factories. For example, in the process of using some quality problems, these large manufacturers will help you solve in a timely manner.


6. Linear bilateral glass edging machine, the characteristics of the two sides of the glass can be ground at the same time, the processing accuracy is better, the production effect is also improved, is very suitable for the production of large quantities of glass, bilateral edging can be divided into small and medium-sized and large according to the width of the edging glass, can grind the width of two meters and more than two meters is called large bilateral mill, edging head configuration of sixteen, twenty, twenty-two edging heads, etc., the maximum edging width of two meters or less is called a large bilateral mill. Those with a maximum edging width below two meters are called medium and small bilateral mills.


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