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Precautions For Daily Maintenance Of Toroidal Transformers

When we use the toroidal transformer, only reasonable use can make the performance and life of the toroidal transformer not be affected. How to do daily maintenance is a blind spot for many people. The following is a brief introduction to everyone. The daily maintenance and maintenance of toroidal transformers are also important factors for the normal operation of toroidal transformers.

1. Prevent long-term overload operation of toroidal transformer:

Long-term overload operation will cause abnormal heating of the coil, causing gradual aging of the insulation and easily causing short circuits between turns.

2. Ensure that the wires are in good contact:

The internal joints of the coils of the toroidal transformer are in poor contact, and the connection points between the coils, the contacts of the low-voltage side bushings, and the fulcrums on the tap changer will cause local overheating, damage the insulation, and cause a short circuit or open circuit in the toroidal transformer.

3. Reliable short-circuit protection:

If the toroidal transformer coil or load is short-circuited, the transformer will withstand a considerable short-circuit current. If the protection device fails, the transformer may be burned. For this reason, a reliable short-circuit protection device or temperature control protection device must be installed for the toroidal transformer.

4. Prevent over-temperature:

The insulation class of toroidal transformers is generally Class B insulation (temperature resistance 130℃), and its insulator is mainly made of polyester film. The operating temperature has a great influence on insulation and service life.

The above are the precautions for the daily maintenance of the toroidal transformer. Everyone should use it rationally so that the performance of the toroidal transformer is not affected and the service life of the transformer is prolonged.

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